You can use several cables and connectors to charge your phones, but not all of them are made equal. The internal wiring and other components used in the chargers and connectors differ. Various chargers and USB cables fit perfectly with different phones. Some charge slowly and are not reliable as the cables break easily.

However, there is one generation of new-age cables and connectors for your phone that are fast, simple, reliable, and work fine for a long time. QH Industry provides a range of cables and connectors such as DIY magnetic connector, magnetic pogo pin connectors, etc. that charge your phone or transfer data using a magnetic suction force.

If you are looking for fast, durable, strong, and reliable chargers, connectors, and cables for your phone, keep reading to know all the details on how QH provides the best solution for your mobiles.

Why Trust QH Industry with Your Cables and Connectors?

QH Industrial company came into being in 2004 and has dominated through its pogo pin connectors and magnetic pogo pin connectors with ultra-high accuracy.

At QH, you will be able to get your hands on various kinds of the connector and charging solutions made with the best material and components. Besides pogo pin connectors and magnetic pogo pin connectors, you can get magnetic pogo pin chargers, different types of M5 connectors, M8 connectors, and M16 connectors.

The pogo pin connector by QH is compatible for use with various devices such as phones, printers, computers, LED lights, and more electronic gadgets. The structure of the connector constitutes a needle-like tube, a needle shaft, and a spring as its main parts. The precision in spring and structure of the connector ensures that it is only extremely high quality.

What Factors Make QH Connectors and Cables the Best For You?

The magnetic cable and connector are the latest technological advancement and trends that you can use to charge any of your electronic gadgets such as LED lights, mobile phones, laptops and computers, smartwatches, and more through the latest magnetic charging method.

Magnetic pogo pins are simple metal sticks that are electrical accessories. QH magnetic pogo pin connectors can be customized to support the function and charging of all devices.

Besides making high-tech products, QH is a leader in customer service and focuses on competitive pricing, high-quality products, and research and development.

How does the QH Industry provide the best connector solutions?

QH industry has been working in the connector and cable field for more than 18 years now, and they have a strong grasp of what works best for your electronic devices. Their factories are certified and focus on R&D to provide the best solutions.

With factories and production in China, QH can produce cables and connectors at affordable prices without compromising the quality.

Moreover, there is a range of cables, connectors, and chargers you can choose from. Some top connectors include pogo pin connectors, M series connector cable, magnetic pin connectors, magnetic cable connectors, M series connectors, and many more magnetic products for your gadgets.

QH provides affordability, high quality, reliability, experience, durability, and exemplary customer service.


There are several reasons why the QH industry provides the best connectors and cables for your mobile phones. The cables have high transmission power and provide this strong power in a small, limited space due to their compact structure. Besides being high power and compact, the cables, chargers, and connectors by QH are reliable, durable, and come at an affordable price. If you want industry-standard connectors and cables, QH is certainly the place to look at.


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