Are you looking to bag the best USB car charger for your next travel? If so, wait a while and revisit your decision. Countless companies are manufacturing USB car chargers. But, today, you’ll get to know why UGREEN bests them all.

Below is a review of some promising UGREEN USB car chargers that promise high-performance for every charge. You will find the best charging adapter for car in a single read!

1. 24W USB Car Charger by UGREEN

So the first product on the list is a 24 W car charger. Let’s take a look at the exterior. It has a glossy black cover with two USB ports and a plug-in on the other side.

The two ports are Type-A USB charging ports with an output of 2.4 Amp each. Its output value is more than sufficient to fulfill your daily needs. Moreover, the amazing auto-detection feature detects your device automatically and provides optimal voltage.

Its motherboard contains various components for protection. From short-circuit protection to current surge safety, high-temperature, and over-voltage protection. Measuring up to only 45.5mm in length and 25.4 mm in width, it makes a fitting car charger.

What’s best about it?

  • 2 Classic charging Type-A ports
  • Easy plugging and unplugging
  • Over-current protection

2. UGREEN Dual Port USB Charger

USB car chargers incorporating a cigarette port induce more power. Compared to the regular chargers, they charge your device 2X faster. Providing a 60W cigarette port and two 2.4 Amp USB charging ports works like a charm.

Other than that, you’ll find a smart LED illuminating the charger. This helps identify the correct position of the Type-A connector for dark conditions. Moreover, the cigarette port offers good versatility as well. For instance, you can attach a DVR, GPS, and other car appliances.

The manufacturers kept the latest car builds in mind and made it compatible with all the renowned car models and mobile devices.

What’s best about it?

  • Best performance
  • Multiple connections
  • Expanded socket section

3. UGREEN Aluminum 18W Car Charger

Aluminum is one of the sturdiest materials in the electronic industry. Fortunately, UGREEN has incorporated strength and a handful of impeccable features into this charger.

Compatible with Type-A and Type-C charging devices, it offers a power figure of 18W. Single device charging conjures up about 3A for the Type-A port and 2A for the Type-C port. However, for two simultaneous charging connections, it offers a power figure of 18 W.

The motherboard of the charger incorporates the best protection features. Even if there is a power surge, your device remains unharmed. Lightweight and portable, it only requires a car lighter slot to operate. It is compatible with most devices and makes the device throw up a ‘fully charged’ message in 1 to 1.5 hours only.

What’s best about it?

  • Fast charging
  • Aesthetic exterior
  • Two kinds of charging ports


UGREEN is a trustable brand with consented customers worldwide. The purpose of the review was to give an insight into some of the best products of the company; although, the company makes other chargers as well. But they are mainly famous for USB car chargers.

Characteristics like output values, the supported ports, and the protections mark a charger better than the other. Luckily, UGREEN promises to provide all of these in each build.


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