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It is possible that you have recently read a sylvania smart bulbs review, and you are amazed by the usefulness of a smart bulb. Or maybe you have been hearing about smart bulbs and wondering why you need them for your home or work. Either way, you’re on the right page, as we’ll show you why you should already own a smart bulb in your home. But before then, you must know what a smart bulb is and how it works. That way, you already have an idea of what to expect when you buy one.

A smart bulb is usually a LED light bulb that you have control over without necessarily hitting a switch. Depending on the smart bulb you have, you can either have a voice-controlled smart bulb or a device-controlled one. Mostly, smart bulbs are used in smart homes already connected to either the Alexa or Google smart assistants. There are two major working procedures of smart bulbs. To use a smart bulb, it is either you are connected to the Internet, or you’re using Bluetooth. It all depends on the smart bulb you buy, your preference, and of course, your budget. Now that you know what a smart bulb is, let us discuss some of the advantages of owning a smart bulb.

Lasts longer

With a smart bulb, you are not switching the bulb on and off now and then.  There is no story like your switch got spoiled, and it gets to affect every other part of the bulb. Most smart bulbs are usually LED bulbs, and these smart bulbs last longer than regular bulbs. On average, a LED bulb will last for more than 35000 hours before it gets spoiled.

Reduced energy consumption

Energy bills are something every home tries to manage or reduce because they can get very high. With regular light bulbs, you will spend more energy than using a smart bulb. A smart bulb reduces your energy consumption by almost eighty percent and saves you money. Moreso, with a smart bulb, you do not have to put on your lights for a long period. On lazy days, you can switch off the light at a far distance.


A smart bulb is a cost-effective option when you think of it. You may spend heavily when it comes to the initial stages when you need a smart bulb in your home. At first, this is a choice that may require you to spend a lot of money to convert your home into a smart home. But in the long run, the smart bulb will save you some money because it will save you energy bills. Moreso, these smart bulbs last longer than the others, making them better.

Aesthetically pleasing

Smart bulbs are new-age technology, and these smart bulbs look better than regular bulbs. With the different styles, designs, and colors, smart light bulbs give your home new aesthetics.


Choosing smart bulbs may seem like an expensive option at the start, but it is usually your best option. We have discussed the advantages of having a smart bulb in this guide.


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